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About Us

KLED provides fully integrated lighting solutions globally. We procure and manufacture LED lighting as well as arrange installation and finance with our electrical engineering and financial institution partners. The KLED senior management team, product engineers and support staff have provided LED solutions to some of the most discerning customers worldwide.

We founded KLED to deliver quality LED lighting solutions backed with a quality service at a significantly lower price point opening up new brands and products to the mass market.

We also have a growing number of distribution partners throughout the world. KLED products are manufactured by specialist OEMs under license.

KLED Solutions

We offer large scale, new build LED lighting solutions, retrofit LED energy saving proposals and fully financed LED lighting installations.

Our products are installed in offices, hotels, residential homes and apartment blocks. KLED products offer fantastic value to hospital managers and car park owners, estate managers and central retail lighting buyers.

Our LED lighting solutions are formulated after we analyse your organisation's complete lighting system needs. We analyse your current lighting levels, fittings, energy consumption and ambient colour temperatures before proposing a suitable lighting system. Our engineers calculate the energy and maintenance savings you can achieve and can offer you 3D mock ups of your newly created spaces or existing areas to retro fit.

We work closely with testing laboratories to ensure the lowest levels of lumen output and colour degradation for the given price point. We offer quality LED lighting products which will add value to businesses all over the world for years to come.