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  • Our range of KLED down lights and fittings are leading edge designs for retail and hospitality business managers.
  • KLED provides an exciting flexible way to brighten the purchasing environment and luxuriate accommodation.
  • The KLED products offer high quality fittings which can stand out as features or blend in to their surroundings.
  • Our products are engineered to incorporate the latest reflector designs and modular compatibility.
  • KLED’s down lighting finishes are created using the latest die casting, laser cutting and electroplating technologies.
  • Lighting managers can create diffuse or direct spot light for a range of lighting intensities.
  • KLED down lights are designed to create brilliant lighting environments for over 50,000 hours.
  • KLED down lights have unparalleled levels of heat, energy and maintenance efficiency.
  • KLED offer a range of Wattages and lumens’ efficiencies to suite the mood and complement your retail products.
  • Our down lights have 30 years of luminaire design and photometric performance behind them.
  • KLED’s versatile range of down lighting is designed to give retailers and hoteliers flexible lighting solutions.
  • KLED down light products come with three and five year manufacturer’s product warranties.
Down Lights - KLED Products

Down Lights - KLED Products