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  • Our bulkheads are popular in student accommodation, hospitals, hotels, offices and warehouses.
  • The KLED range of 2D bulkheads comes in a range colour temperatures from 2,500k to 6,000k.
  • Our bulkhead designs are typically round with polycarbonate or aluminium casings.
  • Alternate shaped bulk heads are also available for other retail, industrial and commercial applications.
  • KLED offers differing levels of IP ratings for both internal and external use.
  • The KLED range of Wattages from 6W to 40W maximises energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • Our bulkhead designs come in a range of crystal clear, natural and translucent covers.
  • Emergency bulk head safety options are available for four hour retail, industrial and commercial applications.
  • KLED’s 2D bulkheads have unparalleled levels of heat, energy and maintenance efficiency.
  • KLED offers a range of Wattages and lumens’ efficiencies to maximise energy efficiency.
  • KLED’s 2D bulkheads come with three and five year manufacturer’s product warranties.
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