kled Logo Sales:  Ireland  +353 (1) 800 911 588
NI & UK +44 (0)800 240 4722
  • KLED’s canopy range of products are manufactured under license by a major, listed OEM in China.
  • Our range has been installed in 100s of locations with markedly different ambient conditions.
  • Our products are engineered to European standards of quality, certified by TUV and UL.
  • KLED canopy products come in a range of Wattages designed to cut energy consumption dramatically.
  • Designed as powerful direct down lighting for outdoor forecourts, inlaid into tunnel ceilings and walls.
  • The KLED designs are offered in a range of natural white and brilliant white colour temperatures.
  • KLED canopy lights come in two colour finishes with lensed covers.
  • KLED’s engineers have created the range at a low cost entry point for the mass market.
  • Our canopy lighting works equally well inside for high bay use and externally for forecourts and open spaces.
  • Our designs are engineered to last more than 50,000 hours to reduce maintenance to near zero cost.
  • Our engineers have created designs which suffer low levels of degradation for the given price point.
  • KLED canopy lights come with a five year manufacturer’s product warrant which can be enhanced*.
    *subject to terms and conditions
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