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  • KLED panels are an energy saving upgrade to replace fluorescent tubes, offering energy savings of up to 75%.
  • Our LED panels have one of the highest lumen output efficiencies on the market.
  • KLED’s focus on power efficiency also means low heat emissions for cool spaces.
  • Our LED KPanels can improve the lighting ambiance of all types of public and commercial properties.
  • KLED’s powerful LED panels are powered by over 80W for the 600mm x 1,200mm model.
  • KPanels come in colour temperatures ranging from a beautifully warm 2,500k to a brilliantly cool 6,000k.
  • Our LED KPanels can reduce the lighting costs of all types of spaces from offices to hospitals.
  • KLED’s panel range of 10W to 80W is designed to drastically reduce maintenance and energy costs.
  • KPanels come in round flat designs as well as bevelled 600mm x 600mm and 600mm x 1,200mm sizes.
  • KLED’s panels are designed to last over 50,000 at the typical room temperature.
  • KLED’s panel range comes with three and five year manufacturer’s product warranties.
Panel Lights - KLED Products

Panel Lights - KLED Products