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  • Our range of KLED tubes has been designed to champion simple retro fitting for all fluorescent technologies.
  • KTubes can transform car parks, super markets, stations, offices, hotels and public buildings.
  • The integral drivers make for a like for like retro fit, eliminating the need for a new casings in most applications.
  • Lighting estate managers can expect to save of up to 75% of their energy costs.
  • Facility managers can expect to save of up to 95% of their maintenance costs.
  • Our LED KTubes come in a range of lumens outputs and Wattages from 10W to 50W.
  • Our KTubes come in T8 and T5 diameters with integral power drivers for easy retro fitting.
  • KLED Tubes come on lengths from 600mm to 1,500mm to cater for nearly all retro fit and new build designs.
  • Our emergency KTubes are engineered using the latest integral lithium battery technology.
  • Lighting managers can elect for pin point beam angles or wide angle illumination of up to 220 degrees.
  • Our LED KTubes come in a range of colour temperatures from 2,500k through warm white 3,500k to brilliant 6,000k.
  • KTubes can be manufactured and supplied in large quantities to meet 15,000 per month installation schedules.
  • KTubes are dimmable to give lighting managers flexibility and choice.
  • Our range of K Tubes come with a five year manufacturer’s product warranty.
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