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A Portfolio of Products that Performs

KLED is an experienced manufacturer with an extensive portfolio of products and a proven track record in the LED lighting industry. We are able to manufacture bespoke, technically complex products in large quantities with consistently high standards. Our supply partners are some of the most acclaimed, well regarded manufacturers of LED chips, panels, tubes and LED fixtures in mass production.

Chemical, electrical and mechanical design

KLED’S lighting fixtures all have robust chemical, electrical and mechanical designs based on over decade of engineering experience. Our power supply units and accessories are designed not to be the weakest link the product offering.

Colour rendering and temperature consistency

KLED has tremendous experience in the complete vignette of the colour pallet.
KLED ensures that our OEM’s binning policy results in superior light output, long life, high quality performance and colour consistency. Colour temperature consistency amongst the installed luminaires, measured by performance degradation over time, is a key differentiating feature of all KLED fixtures. KLED specialises in providing warm white LED solutions to a spectrum of discerning customers.

Lighting Control Solutions

KLED provides integrated lighting control solutions, specifically designed and optimised to work with KLED lighting fixtures. Our power supply units, sensors and dimmer controls have been tested to the same exacting standards as the LED fixtures themselves.

Thermal Management

Our LED lighting produces less than 10% of the heat of a comparable, traditional tungsten lamp. KLED’s engineers measure heat generation and design the heat sinks to dissipate heat to maximise the useful life.

Standards, Testing and Measurement

KLED uses state of the art in house test and measurement equipment. We also use independent testing labs whose practices conforms with the UL standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology at the US Department of Commerce. KLED publishes accurate, complete specifications and photometric testing data based on UL and LM-79 and LM-80 compliant testing. All of KLED’s OEM test lab data files and reports are available for evaluation. The technical team works closely with expert independent testing and measurement engineers to calibrate and evaluate KLED performance.

Quality of Light

KLED’s lighting fixtures exceed ANSI binning standards for consistency in flux, colour or colour temperature. Our white light LED colour rendering is highly accurate and long lasting.

Useful Life

KLED’s product useful life assessment is based on our in house LM-80 testing and measurement. All of KLED’s fixtures are designed to allow junction temperatures that strike the optimum balance between light output and longevity. Our engineers conduct thermocouple heat and degradation tests systematically to provide the integrity to the KLED product range technical specifications.

Testing and quality control

We use accredited test and measurement techniques to provide the basis for sound quality control and product definition.
The luminous efficiency of all KLED products is tested rigorously to ensure that they surpass the performance of comparable incandescent and fluorescent lamps. Our LED luminaire design mantra is to have greater luminous efficiency and colour sustainability at the prescribed price point than any of our competitors.

KLED product warranties performance guarantees

KLED provides three and five year warranties for our products.
We also work with extended warranty insurance providers in cases where longer or enhanced warranties are required. KLED has relationships with Insurers and Warranty providers that enable us to offer clients extended product warranties that mitigate performance risk throughout the term of the financing agreement.

After sales support & returns program

KLED offers phone based technical support which ensures your returns and repair experience is simple in the unlikely event of fixture failure. Our product returns experience as a percentage of our installed LED fixtures are amongst the lowest in the lighting industry.

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